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In Britain we love our gardens. From the Highlands of Scotland to the Home Counties and South West, and from Wales to the Wash few things occupy our minds, our time, and our leisure budgets so much as our gardens.

And what could be more pleasant than to watch your garden grow, entertain friends, answer your emails, or even relax in your Jacuzzi, from the year round warmth and comfort of a stylish and weatherproof PVCu summerhouse?

At the Garden Buildings Retail Ltd we have the products and the experience to help you enjoy your garden to the full, whatever the British climate throws at us. Our superb range of PVC garden building provides summer houses for every purpose - whether you want a free-standing conservatory, a home office, or just a place to relax in comfort. And because our high quality summer houses are manufactured in PVC, unlike timber summerhouses they are completely weatherproof and maintenance free.

The Garden Buildings Retail Ltd

Although you have found the Garden Building Retail Ltd online, please rest assured that behind our web operation is a family business with over 30 years experience. Every year, the Garden Buildings Retail Ltd (GBC) supplies and installs hundreds of garden building and garages, in addition to a wide range of greenhouses, conservatories, sheds, summerhouses and carports, and our expert team will be delighted to assist with any query you may have.

Whether you are an experienced online shopper, or a relative novice to the process, you are already benefiting from this streamlined way of doing business and saving money, but whatever your requirements, we welcome you to call us to chat through any further information you may need. We may use modern online sales techniques, but we believe in traditional values and service, and we will always offer an expert and unbiased opinion to help you to the correct choice.

Summer House Flexibility

Because our summer houses are robustly built in PVCu - essentially in the format of a free-standing conservatory - they are significantly more flexible in use than traditional summerhouses. When planning your summer house, you can think of it as a remote extension to your house, or as a part of the house that just happens to be in the garden! Our summer houses are warm and comfortable throughout the year and make an excellent home office, a weatherproof seating area, an outdoor dining area that laughs at a change in the weather, a quiet haven for reading, listening to music, or studying, or even a stylish home for your hot tub, Jacuzzi, or sauna. Some customers even use their summerhouse as an occasional guest bedroom for summer parties! Could you do that with a traditional summer house?

Three standard designs of PVCu garden building are offered in a range of sizes: the Langley Altea (square), Kensington Malaga (rectangular), and Coniston Marbella (octagonal), giving a wide choice with options to suit any type of garden, from a country cottage to a modern townhouse.

High Quality Summer Houses

All our Langley Altea, Kensington Malaga and Coniston Marbella summerhouses are built in the UK by leading manufacturer K2 and offer all the benefits and build quality of a conservatory from a high quality supplier. Furthermore, K2 is renowned for design innovation, and if you choose DIY installation, you will quickly appreciate why professional installers love to work with K2 systems, which feature a high number of clip in / slot in components to make installation quick, simple and trouble-free.

Not only is K2 a highly successful business in its own right with operations as far afield as the USA and Russia, but it is also part of The Burnden Group Ltd, providing additional resources of a £multi-million, international business. With a background like this, and superb quality products, a Manufacturers 5 Year Warranty is provided with ease and complete confidence.

Why a PVCu Summerhouse or Home Office?

All the benefits you would associate with a traditional PVC conservatory attached to your house, are there to enjoy with a PVC summer house. These buildings are made to last and last, and are virtually maintenance free. No draughts, no timber to treat, varnish or paint, and a perfectly respectable location for a small office-based business so that you can have a visitor without feeling as though you're entertaining them in the shed! Furthermore, our buildings are as secure as your house, with high security multi-point locking - an essential feature for any home office.

Our conservatory-style summer houses also provide a 360 degree view (if you chose to go for a fully-glazed option), so there's plenty of light at all times of day, and because the building is as robust and weatherproof as any other part of your house, you can easily add electric lighting to provide a truly 24-hour environment for business or leisure.

Installation is Simple

The advanced design features of these fabulous K2 buildings mean that installation to a high standard can be achieved by any reasonably competent DIYer. Each panel is supplied pre-glazed, so that none of the potentially tricky work of glazing is left for you to do. Simply click fit two panels into the sill and then join them using an aluminium strip which pulls the two panels rigidly together. This is repeated all round, and then the joints are covered with click fit trim strips to provide a really professional finish. The roofing system is unique to K2 and has many features to provide an easy installation - and, of course, all the roofing panels are pre cut for you.

Comprehensive installation instructions are supplied, and you will also have us to fall back on for any advice you may need. Alternatively - sit back and let our installation team do all the work for you! (See the Installation Service information below.)

Advanced Features

If you're interested in summerhouses, you'll probably have seen many different designs at garden centres in your area. However, because our PVC summer houses are made to the highest conservatory manufacturing specifications, you can ask yourself the following questions:

How many summer houses have you seen with full glazing?
How many summer houses have you seen with high security multi-point locking?
How many summer houses have you seen with multiple opening windows?
How many summer houses have you seen with the latest thermo-efficient glass for superior heat retention?
How many summer houses have you seen that could truly be used all year round?
How many summer houses have you seen that will still look as good after five British winters, without major refurbishment?
How many summer houses have you seen with a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty?
And a final question... shouldn't you be giving us a call?

Optional Features

Oak Finish

Our Langley Altea, Kensington Malaga and Coniston Marbella summerhouses are all supplied as standard in stunning white PVCu, but, since many people may prefer a timber-effect finish for a garden building, we are also able to supply in a rich, textured Golden Oak finish which blends in beautifully with your existing garden and provides a very natural look - especially when complimented by your planting.

Glass Roofs

For those who prefer it, glass roofing panels are available using the latest, thermally-efficient glass, pre-cut for easy fitting. This option can be useful in a home office as it will be quieter during heavy rain.

Other Services

As long established suppliers and installers of every type of garden building, from garages and sheds to greenhouses and conservatories, as well as our superb range of summer houses, The Garden Buildings Retail Ltd can offer every sort of back up you may need as you make a choice about this valuable addition to your garden. Although the Langley Altea, Kensington Malaga and Coniston Marbella summerhouses are all equally simple to fit, our nationwide installation service will be delighted to take on the work for you should you prefer.

Whether you choose to have our team undertake the installation, or prefer a DIY option, you can be sure that all the expert help and advice you will need is accessible via email or over the phone - and with thousands of installations already undertaken on every sort of garden structure, you can be sure we will have the answer to your question. You may, for instance, wish to ask us for some initial advice on Planning Permission. The rules do change from time to time, but we are in constant contact with planning officers and we will certainly be able to guide you should any permission be required.

To further assist you, we have enclosed a number of useful documents for you to download.


 "Please find attached, photos from our previously completed work. It gives us great pleasure to send them to you as it has proven to be a fantastic addition to our garden already. We have been using it every, from lazy afternoon lunches, to full blown dinner parties, there there has not been an occasion of which it is not suited." Mrs. K, Christchurch

"We are very pleased with this summer house & our summer house is looking very nice all year around ! In fact all our visitors are always admiring our summer house." Mrs. B, Cheshire




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