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Langley Altea uPVC Garden Building GS44, GS66

langley altea pvc garden building[Langley / Altea GS44S, GS44L GS66]

Rising to a single point, the Langley Altea has a square footprint which maximises the available space comfortably accommodating a cane suite, a hot tub or a complete home office. Three sizes GS44S 10ft4in (3.15m), GS44L 9ft4in (2.86m) and GS66S 13ft9in (4.2m) square.

Each building maybe specified as white or in light-oak woodgrain PVC, glass-to-ground or with PVC insulated panels at 2ft (0.6m). All buildings are supplied with two large top-hung vents 52in (1.3m) with PVC multi-locking systems, 25mm multi-wall tinted polycarbonate roof and class 'A' double glazed and toughened safety glass throughout. For the white building we supply a complimentary opalescent (white) tinted roof and bronze/brown on our woodgrain PVCu models. Where woodgrain is specified the door and window furniture will in be supplied in gold finish and all doors are supplied with restrictors.

Additionally you may specify additional vents (in pairs), manually operated roof vent, obscure glass or full-height infill panels, and extra doors. We also offer the K2 Celsius glass roof with its blue tint and ability to reflect over 3 times more solar energy and to provide 50% more insulation than conventional glass. In conjunction with the Celsius glass roof you may also wish to consider of Low-E thermal efficient glass upgrade. All glass is supplied 4-12-4 with a silver spacer/insert.

Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, these units are supplied predominately pre-glazed and roof sheets pre-cut. Our unique installation system uses a minimum of screws or assembly mastic by utilising an industry 1st lock and fit approach. All materials, fastenings and guttering are supplied so too a comprehensive installation guide and FREEPHONE helpline.


Langley / Altea White PVC
GS44S 9ft4in x 9ft4in


Langley / Altea Light-Oak PVC
GS44S 9ft4in x 9ft4in


Langley / Altea GS44L 10ft4in x 10ft4in


Langley / Altea GS44L 10ft4in x 10ft4in


Langley / Altea GS66S 13ft9in x 13ft9in


Langley / Altea GS66S 13ft9in x 13ft9in

  pvc garden building gold handles woodgrain model pvc garden building accessories pvc garden building lower panels and steel base


Gold handles
woodgrain models.

Oak patterned glass
Low door threshold.

Insulated panels
Pre-fabricated base.



25mm Polycarbonate


Celsius Glass Roof


Standard Glass


Low 'E' Glass


Download technical information and drawings
download technical information pvc garden building

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